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An innovative way of adding value to courses and qualifications you instigate and which respond to the continuing professional development of your client base.

In an ever increasingly competitive world, it is essential to introduce distinctive modules and learning schedules to satisfy your customers, open up new client channels, and distinguish yourselves from other training providers operating on your territory. Quality assurance and Certification by the IAAP, a renowned UK professional and awarding body specialising in Qualifications for Business, mean the careful preparation and implementation of each programme and ensure client satisfaction. Detailed analysis is made of client requirements before programme development is undertaken, customer satisfaction aspects are built in to programme design, and set procedures and quality compliance requirements facilitate internal management of programme implementation.

How can we summarise the specific advantages of cooperating with the IAAP in professional programme specific design and implementation?

-    external recognition by a UK Professional and Awarding Body conferring consequent status

-    expert input on programme design and fundamental quality issues

-    assistance in formulating  modules in terms of length, content, description and customer appeal

-    constant monitoring of programme implementation and extra resource reference for your staff

-    customer satisfaction feedback built in as essential item in course design

-    consultancy on market development and customer reach

-    Certification as proof of achievement

-    marketing tool in involving clients in range of ‘follow on’ training programmes

-    association with UK Professional and Awarding Body for other international style career and business opportunities

How can you present the end of course programme certification?

Programmes are independently and externally accredited by the IAAP. The IAAP is an international professional and awarding body of qualificationsAssessment of students' learning and achievements in these programmes is therefore subject to appropriately rigorous quality processes and inspections by the IAAP, this being an external confirmation of the quality and standard of assessment provided by the Centre (training institution).

Can you provide a link which gives an example of how the cooperation works?

Brain/LILA Specialisation Programmes

What must I do if I want more information on the IAAP Quality Assurance standards and programme development service?

Contact:  Geoffrey Barclay, Associate Director of International Development - email: GeoffB@iab.org.uk