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Unmissable Opportunity for Learning Providers

Employers across the globe are on the look out for skilled employees they can trust to do the job. Trained workers, in fact, are the backbone of thriving businesses and economies...

That’s why education is so important. Especially vocational training which both increase real-world skills and a student’s employability.

If you are a training centre or local college, it’s essential to attract students to your courses. What better way to do that than deliver practical, world-class qualifications with global recognition...

An IAAP or IAB qualification – whether accountancy, financial management or bookkeeping - is more than a piece of paper... It offers the assurance of an endorsed qualification through a world-renowned awarding body.

The benefits of being an accredited centre

Are you an aspiring learning provider? Do you want to open up new revenue streams? Are you keen to enhance your reputation by offering the finest financial qualifications in the world?

By securing IAAP and IAB accreditation, you can gain all this and more... You even have the choice to offer courses in either English or your own language.

Plus, by establishing yourself as an examination centre, you can expand career opportunities to local people eager to stretch their horizons.

The IAAP and IAB notably span more than 60 countries worldwide. And because we are a not-for-profit organisation, we don’t offer franchises but build supportive partnerships though a simple, cost-effective ‘Accredited Centre’ agreement.

How to become an approved training provider

For further information, support and advice, please:

  • Browse through this link for international coverage information
  • Find out more about the IAB here
  • Discuss business opportunities with International Centre Coordinator Thomas Bird by emailing thomasb@intaap.org