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  • Overview

    With business qualifications in demand across the globe, this Higher National Diploma offers a golden opportunity to build your future. Focused on Financial and Business Management, this innovative course offers:

    • A professional qualification with unique built-in entry into further study of a UK university degree
    • Online learning and assessment with the flexibility to study whenever and wherever you choose
    • The prestige of being endorsed by an internationally renowned awarding body

    Jointly developed by the IAAP and SQA – the national awarding and regulated body in Scotland – this HND qualification opens the door to higher education.

    Numerous UK universities and professional bodies – including the ACCA and CIMA – accept this HND qualification as entry credits, or exemption towards further qualifications.

    Typically taking two years to complete, you can, of course, achieve this qualification in less time through intensive full-time study. 

    Download the HND leaflet by clicking on the image below to find out more about the qualification.


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  • Who is this qualification for?

    This HND is an ideal qualification for anyone looking to gain real-world skills in financial and business management.

    Whether you are a student at the start of your career, an established professional looking to boost your earning potential, or you’re interested in a career change, this qualification can help turn your vocational training into a professional career.

    Flexible, online study also means you needn’t put your life on hold while studying. You can choose to fit it round family life or work – or study full time to fast-track your route to university. 

  • Specifications

    Unit name

    Unit code


     YEAR 1


    Unit 1:

    Recording Financial Information

    F7JV 34

    Unit 2:

    Preparing Final Accounts

    F7JT 34

    Unit 3:

    Using Financial Accounting Software

    F7JP 34

    Unit 4:

    Cost Accounting

    F7JR 34

    Unit 5:

    Management Accounting Using Information Technology

    F7JS 34

    Unit 6:

    Marketing: An Introduction

    F7BX 34

    Unit 7:

    Personal Development Planning

    DE3R 34

    Unit 8:

    Economic Issues: An Introduction

    F7J8 34

    Unit 9:

    Communication: Analysing and Presenting Complex Communications

    DE3N 34

    Unit 10:

    Managing People and Organisations

    F84T 34

    Unit 11:

    Financial and Business Management: Graded Unit 1

    H6A1 34


    YEAR 2


    Unit 12:

    Financial Reporting and Analysis

    F7R4 35

    Unit 13:

    Accounting for Specialised Transactions

    F7R5 35

    Unit 14:

    Management Accounting for Planning and Control

    F82H 35

    Unit 15:

    Management Accounting for Decision Making

    F82J 35

    Unit 16:

    Business Taxation

    F7R6 35

    Unit 17:

    IT in Business: Spreadsheet

    F84V 34

    Unit 18:

    Business Culture and Strategy

    F7J7 35

    Unit 19:

    Statistics for Business

    F84K 35

    Unit 20:

    Research Skills

    F60A 34

    Unit 21:

    Financial and Business Management: Graded Unit 2

    H6A2 35

    Unit 22

    Financial and Business Management: Graded Unit 3

    H6A3 35

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